Uncover your inner athlete!

Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be eaten.. Each morning in Africa a lion awakes - it knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve.

No matter if you are the lion or the gazelle, when the sun comes up you had better be running!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Love your roots - do them well!

Where have you been Sam? This has been one of the messages that I've received of late with regards to my blog. Life and running has been hectic what with my mate now fully released out in to the the dating world of sydney again. It's great that he seems to be having so much fun, which leads me to come back to my writing as this has always been a source of sanity for me. It's something I'd dropped recently in favour of other things.

It's clear that of late efforts I had been focusing energy on were in vain and now it is time for me to become a little selfish and focus only on myself and my training for a bit.

I'd love to have shared some more creativity in this, but some have mocked my creative efforts of late and thought it funny that something that was created should be a source of a joke amongst others.

I don't play these sorts of stupid games and rather leave others to play them on their own. Life's too short for any of that BS.

In other news I just got the news that I get to extract some revenge next year. This time I go wiser, older and with a different approach that is tested. More later.

Running together (while not being made a mug), stride for stride on a life changing ride. -- Sean Muller.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hardening up in running and relationships

People confuse me- most of all women confuse me. In life like in running you try to do the best you can do. You do your best to do good, share good times and work through bad (even extremely bad) times with folks and yet sometimes you still land in the poo for all your good intentions.

The past few days I have been laying low and out of the firing line. It’s disappointing and sad when things that you've shared with others at times (and at times when you've been vulnerable) have been used against you.

It’s ugly and it becomes messy and in the end there are never any winners. It’s equally hard when you could use what you know about that person to hurt them to, but you can’t bring yourself to do that and then you get called soft by someone else you counted as a friend who maintains that you brought it on yourself through not being hard enough.

Hardening the body is so much easier than hardening the heart. I want to be tougher and harder, but I struggle to know where to begin. It’s weird as I see these sorts of behaviours everyday but can’t bring myself to replicate them. Seems like laying low is best for me at this point. At least in my own company and running on my own no one can hurt me.

Running together (while laying low for a bit), stride for stride on a life changing ride! – Sean Muller

Monday, June 9, 2014

Running, fitness and the ‘pickup’

Today was the culmination of a number of months’ worth of work in helping my mate to get fit again following his marriage breakdown. I’ve mentioned before how he’d let himself go in the past and was now finding it tough to get back to his previous form and shape.

He’s got there through a combination of running and shifting around 15kgs and is looking pretty good to boot. His self-appointed goal now is to embark on a series of ‘pickups’ as he terms them over this winter. Looking pretty good he now seems to have the choice of a plethora of women and a new found confidence to boot. This seems to be the prevailing scenario facing all men in their late 30s and 40s in Sydney.

I view all this as highly interesting as watching him in action today it is amazing that even at his age where one might expect that there would be some honesty and a reluctance for any sort of game play and nonsense, there was plenty of shifts in the truth. Surely there was plenty of time for that in the past when they were younger and didn’t really care about who or what they hurt with those crazy games. All of this isn’t really for me and he has tried hard to goad me into it, but I only observe with mild amusement.

Crazy how all this has panned out. It’s great to see his confidence improve so much, but at the same time I feel as if I have created a monster who is not thinking about others feelings, but then again as has been pointed out to me ‘it takes two to tango’.

Running tother (while helping others to improve their confidence), stride for stride on a life changing ride! – Sean Muller